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Precast Concrete Panels for Feed Store Walling

Prestressed concrete panels manufactured and supplied by ACP (Concrete) Ltd are the material of choice for the construction walls to feed and straights stores throughout the UK.

The high strength imparted by prestressing enables the concrete panels to flex under load and ride the stress of machinery impact without serious damage.

Vertical freestanding cantilever and horizontal panels are available together with freestanding moveable dividing panels. All our precast concrete panels have an interlocking tongue and groove joint system, which allow the panels to share load.


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Concrete Panel Feed Stores – Fixing Options

Horizontal Panels

Precast Horizontal PanelsHorizontal concrete panels are designed to be supported by the building frame. The concrete panels span between the building columns and pass the load from the feed back into the steel frame. A cost effective concrete walling system, this solution also maximizes the building flexibility as panels are easily relocated in future extension or alterations.
All ACP Concrete precast panels are available in three standard heights, 1m, 1.2m & 1.5m and the tongue and groove joint allows the units to fit together in combination to give the desired overall wall height. Panels can be made to measure in lengths up to 20’ (6.085m), longer lengths available on request. Fixed position division walls are possible using the double loading panels fitted between steel columns.

“Foundation Free” – the concrete panels are designed to be installed without a mass concrete foundation. The prestressed panels seat on either a steel landing cleat fixed to the column or directly onto the floor of the feed store  This makes concrete wall installation weather independent avoiding site delays from prevailing weather conditions.

Prestressed concrete panels are available in a range of thicknesses to suit each application. Panels are available to suit a wide variety of load situations with the 145mm thick panels being suitable for most straight store loadings. Concrete panel selection depends on bay span, wall height, maximum height of stored product anticipated. Where possible ACP concrete panels are designed to suit a full surcharged loading condition (with grain heaped up to its maximum angle) from the outset. This ensures that the wall design is “future proof” for subsequence building alteration or expansion.

Freestanding A Shaped panels

Picture of Arrow PanelsThe movable Arrow panel system is designed to provide the ultimate feed store flexibility. The interlocking precast wall panels are designed to be self supporting in either fixed or movable positions.
The stem of the concrete wall panel is a tongue and groove edged prestressed element and can be manufactured in a range of heights to suit requirements. The base is a massive precast block ensuring stability and resisting sliding of the wall units. The design minimizes wasted space and eliminated potential pest voids associated with other types of A frame wall panels. (insert pic 21)

Moving the concrete panels to suit new storage requirements is quick and simple. No need to unbolt and re-bolt each unit, the arrow panels are simply lifted and repositioned, locking together as they are installed. This system enables maximum use of the store eliminating unnecessary wasted space due to fixed location division walls.

Vertical Cantilever Walls
Prestressed concrete cantilever panels are installed in a simple concrete trench foundation using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied with the wall panels. This wall system provides a smooth freestanding concrete feed bunker wall without the need for supporting steelwork. The freestanding wall system is ideal for providing division walls within the straights store and for perimeter walls where an existing building structure is not suitable to sustain horizontal concrete panels loads. The precast concrete panels are available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m widths and in a range of  heights up to 4.2m high (AFFL).

For information on safe use of concrete panels for feed stores please see the notes in the technical library



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