Precast Arrow Panels

ACP Arrow Panels with tongue & groove connection at base. Precast freestanding Arrow panels are designed to produce robust, durable division walls that are readily relocated when required.

The tongue and groove joints lock together on placement without the need for complex steel connections. Stability is provided by the massive deadweight base with cast-in fork lift recesses to enable fast, easy portability. The units are 1m wide and manufactured in heights of 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.0m. All but the tallest units are designed to be completely freestanding. In permanent locations the units may be dowel fixed through the cast in fixing holes. The 4.0m high units will require fixing to accept full loading of bulk materials. The edges of units are chamfered to accept our standard one part polyurethane sealant.

Units are designed to provide a full bunker solution with specialist corner units to provide continunity at 90 degree wall junctions. The precast arrow panels offer a space efficent, rapid build solution for bunker construction, minimizing wasted space and vermin accomodation.   Download Arrow Panel Brochure

Arrow Panel division wall in a silage clampFull range of Arrow Panels on display Arrow Panels at Biffa Waste Recycling Depot


ACP Arrow Panels used to provide bunker storage in an  existing buildingACP Arrow Panels are quickly and easily moved with forklift.



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