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Precast Concrete Panels for Slurry Storage

Concrete panels are designed for the construction many different slurry storage solutions. The high strength interlocking prestressed concrete vertical cantilever panels are ideal for the construction of slurry stores, middens, slurry channels and tanks.  The high strength concrete used in the manufacture of ACP’s precast panels is able to resist to accidental damage from scrapers and loaders.

Solid concrete panels can be used vertically or horizontally for total safe FYM storage. All vertical concrete panels are designed to accept load from both faces enabling stores to be built either above or below ground.

Slotted panels are available in heights up to 3m AFFL and can be used to construct weeping wall stores or strainer boxes within a slurry store.

Vertical Cantilever Walls
Prestressed concrete cantilever panels are supported in a simple concrete trench foundation using cradles and reinforcing bars supplied with the panels. All ACP freestanding cantilever panels are designed to accept load from both faces to allow for back filling with earth if required. This feature also ensures that accidental loading on the outside of a store does not cause overloading on a wall designed for single side loading. The cantilever panel system provides a perfect right angle wall to floor joint with no above supporting steelwork required.

This concrete panel system is ideal for slurry reception pits or below ground dirty water tanks to both perimeter and division walls. The precast concrete panels are available in 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m widths and in standard heights up to 4.0m high (AFFL). Both 145mm thick and 180mm thick panels are suitable for slurry storage the type selected depending on storage heights, see table.


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Precast Concrete Tanks - Slurry

Precast concrete panels provide a hardwearing, dense surface that resists chemical attack from farm wastes and slurries.

In slurry tank and cellar systems, the hardwearing surface resists potential damage and abrasion caused during slurry mixing and agitation. The panels can also be cut to accept pipes for filling or emptying. Concrete panels are suitable for incorporation into slatted cellar systems where ACP are able to offer a complete structural support package including support beams and columns.

Large section precast wall panels are available for rapid tank construction. The R35 system is designed to speed construction and minimize panel joints. Precast panels can be manufactured up to 10m long and in heights up to 3m. This system minimizes the time excavations are open and offers massive time savings on site.

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