Large Format Precast Concrete Wall Panels

The R35 Large Format Precast Walls offer rapid build solutions for security and fire protection walling as well as boot wall panels for the construction of tanks.  

Manufactured in any height up to 3.2m and spans up to 9m, the panels can be fitted to the inside or outside face or between the webs of the steel columns.The base of the wall can form the edge shutter to the building floor slab saving costs and time. Integrated ground beams, masonry support toe or separate plinth units are some of the options available for the external building elevations.

The R35 system panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards in factory controlled conditions. The tilting table moulds enable the units to be cast flat then tilted vertically for safe handling, storage and transport.  They are delivered, off-loaded and installed into the steel building frame without need for on site storage or double handling. While the larger units require mobile crane installation, units up to 4 tonnes weight are regularly installed with a telehandler further reducing the cost and time to complete the project. 

Boot panels. which are frequently used to construct tanks. are simply installed by positioning the panels onto a structural base and dowelling & grouting through the preformed holes in the boot.



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