Precast Concrete Panels

ACP (Concrete) Ltd are part of the Thomas Armstrong Group of Companies and manufacture a wide range of precast concrete panels to suit a wide variety of applications. Designed to BS 8110 and BS 5502 part 22 1992, our  concrete panels are used to form walls in warehouses and distribution centres, industrial units, storage bunkers, bulk storage buildings, recycling facilities, retaining walls, water tanks, waste transfer stations, salt stores, fertiliser stores and all types of agricultural buildings.

Our precast concrete wall panels are manufactured at our factory in Cumbria. A batching plant was installed in 2004 which ensures that we have complete control over the quality of concrete used. Cast in moulds of up to 78m long means that the length of the panels can be infinitely variable to suit our customers requirements (practicalities permitting of course!). Both precast (R35 system) and prestressed wall panels are manufactured by ACP.  Prestressing means that the wet concrete is poured onto steel strand under tension, at demoulding the strand is de-tensioned leaving the concrete under compression. This gives the panels additional strength and enables them to flex under load without detriment.



Floors / Stairs:

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