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Precast Concrete Waste Transfer Walls

ACP Concrete's precast concrete wall panel system is a fast track construction method for push walling / thrust walls  waste transfer stations.

Interlocking prestressed horizontal concrete panels span between steel support columns to produce foundation free, uniform, smooth, robust  push walls.
Precast vertical wall panels can be used to construct bunkers within the clear span of a building or external bunker structures.         
The concrete wall panels can be configured to suit different wall height requirements.

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Advantages of the Precast Panel System

The precast concrete push-wall system is designed to provide rapid construction for waste transfer facilities in new or existing/refurbished buildings. Prestressed concrete push walls are the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) of waste transfer stations.

Made to Measure - Precast concrete panels are manufactured in controlled environment factory conditions from engineering grade concrete and delivered to site made to measure. They are then quickly erected to provide high quality precast concrete pushwalls.

Rapid Construction - The developer can achieve significant programme benefits for following trades and to the overall project. the precast solution eliminates wet trades and gives rapid completion of the project bringing the waste transfer station into service at an earlier date. Progress for the new precast panel system is almost independent of weather conditions.

High Strength - The owner and/or user of the building benefit from the durability of the precast concrete wall panel system. The high strength precast concrete panels give a smooth internal finish to the building that makes out loading quick & easy and in addition the precast panels offer excellent resistance to vehicular impact. The precast concrete panels give long maintenance free service.

Relocatable - The modular precast wall panels can be dismantled and relocated to provide alterations to sub divisions and to facilitate extension to the structure. This modular form also enables individual wall panels to be replaced in the unlikely event of excessive damage. This saves cost, reduces down time and ensures that the transfer station is back in service as soon as possible without lengthy on site curing of traditional site cast walls.


Perimeter and dividing walls in waste transfer stations, composting and recycling facilities. Precast concrete panels give a perfect 90º wall to floor joint. This eliminates potential damage points between the loading shovel and the wall commonly associated with traditional "L" & "T" section wall panels.

Additional site security can be provided with the use of precast concrete security walling. Incorporation of additional cast in fixing sockets enables security wire and lighting to be easily fitted to the walls.

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What Next - Choices

ACP precast concrete wall panels are available in 4 standard thicknesses to suit anticipated loadings and impacts. The largest units are a massive 280mm thick to suit the heaveist of loads and the most sever impacts. All units are manufactured in high grade 60N/mm concrete.

Most wall units are available in a range of heights the most commonly used being 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m. They have interlocking tongue and groove joints enabling walls to be built up to the desired overall height. This joint allows shock loads to be passed between units reducing the likelihood of damage.



ACP Concrete's installation service is part of the complete design and build precast package. Installation of the concrete panels is quick and simple and is usually carried out using a telehandler in place of more expensive cranage. This reduces installations costs and brings added flexibility to the progress of work on site.

Alternatively help and advice for safe handling and installation of precast units can be supplied as documentation or as a supervisory site visit. Click here for a brief step by step guide to installation of horizontal panels.



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