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Identification of the substance / preparation and Company / Undertaking

Products:        Prestressed concrete wall units

Company       ACP (Concrete) Limited

                        Risehow Industrial Estate




                        CA15 8PD

Tel:                  01900 814659                      Fax                  01900 816200


Composition / information on ingredients

Cement                                  Sand (may contain silica)

Natural aggregate                 Admixture

Reinforcing steel                   Stressing wire


Hazards identification

The products as supplied are non-hazardous.

Cutting using power tools can create dust, which could contain silica, and sparks can be generated cutting reinforced and prestressed products.

Due to the size and weight of components, manual handling should be avoided.


First aid measures

Airborne dust: -

Inhalation – remove from exposure to fresh air.

Ingestion – remove from exposure to fresh air.

Skin contact – wash with plenty of water.

Eye contact – irrigate thoroughly with copious amounts of eyewash or clean water, seek medical attention.


Fire fighting measures

Products are non combustible.


Accidental release measures

In the event of dust being released while cutting, wear respiratory protection and eye protection (see section 8).

Any release of dust does not present a significant environmental risk.

Minimise release of dust by engineering measures (LEV) or water suppression techniques.


Handling and Storage

Due to the weight and abrasive nature of the products, suitable gloves and protective footwear should be worn when handling.

With the exception of infill blocks, manual lifting of the products should be avoided.

Lifting operations must be planned and controlled by competent persons. Where the product has cast-in lifting points, these should be used.

Product should be stored / stacked on firm, level ground, which is capable of bearing the imposed load.


Exposure control / personal protection

Workplace exposure limits: -

            Total inhalable dust               10 mg/m3

            Respirable dust                     4 mg/m3

            Respirable silica                   0.3 mg/m3

(source: HSE publication EH40/2005)

Where the above limits will be exceeded, e.g. when cutting products using power tools, personal protection should be worn: -

Respiratory protection to EN149 (filtering face piece respirators) or EN140/EN143 (half mask respirators and filters).

Gloves to BS EN 388 – mechanical hazard protection, and safety footwear with steel toecaps to BS EN 345, should be worn when handling products.

When cutting products using power tools, the following items should be worn: -

Eye protection to BS EN 166 grade 1

Hearing protection  with a recommended noise rating of 95 dB – 105 dB

(Note – engineering measures as detailed in section 6 should be used where practical to minimise dust levels).

The risk of fire should be controlled when using power tools to cut reinforced or prestressed products.


Physical and chemical properties

Odourless, light grey, shaped components with a density in the range 2.0 – 2.5 tonnes/m3



Stability and reactivity

Products are stable and non-reactive.


Toxicological information

Airborne dust – health effects

Eyes – may cause irritation

Skin – brief or occasional contact is unlikely to be harmful

Inhalation – repeated inhalation of silica dust above the workplace exposure limit can lead to the development of silicosis.

Ingestion – unlikely to be harmful.


Ecological information.

When handled, used and disposed of correctly, no adverse ecological effects are likely.


Disposal considerations

The products are not classified as hazardous, and can be disposed of as inert waste to a suitable licenced facility, subject to local authority requirements.


Transport information

Products are not classified as dangerous goods under any transport legislation.


Regulatory information

Products are not classified as dangerous for supply in the UK.

Guidance notes:        Workplace exposure limits EH40/2005

                                    Local exhaust ventilation HS(G) 37

Respirable crystalline silica EH59

Dust – general principles of protection EH44

Waste management – the Duty of Care


Other information

If the products have been purchased for supply to third parties, a copy of this data sheet should be provided to the third parties.

The information in this data sheet covers use of the products as intended.

Please note that this data sheet does not constitute a risk assessment as required under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.

Issue number 2

Revision date 06 July 2006.



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