Precast Concrete Wall Panels for Livestock

Concrete panels are ideal for the construction of wall in all types of livestock buildings being quick to install, robust and easy to clean. 

Prestressed wall panels by ACP Concrete are generally 95mm thick. These wall panels are suitable for most livestock buildings for loose housing, cubicle and deep litter systems. ACP concrete panels have been used in all types of livestock housing from poultry to elephants.

Concrete panels can also be used as blockwork replacement in most general purpose buildings, to form security walls or internal partitions; offices, chemical stores and workshops.

Concrete panels are also ideal for the construction of dairy and parlour walls offering a dense easy to clean surface.

ACP Concrete precast panels are available in three standard heights, 1m, 1.2m & 1.5m with a tongue and groove joint allowing the units to fit together in combination to give wide range of standard overall wall heights. Precast Concrete Panels are made to measure in lengths up to 20’ (6.085m) with longer length panels available also on request. Where a pen division wall is required double loading precast panels are also available to fit between supporting columns.

Foundation Free – the concrete panels are designed to be installed without a mass concrete foundation. The prestressed panels seat on either a steel landing cleat or directly onto the floor of the building. This makes concrete wall installation weather independent avoiding site delays from prevailing weather conditions.

Fixing Options – Concrete Panels are cast with four sockets in the outside face and are either clipped to the face of the building columns using plates and bolts provided or placed between the webs of the columns and fixed using steel angles. If, in future, a different layout is required the concrete panels can be unbolted and moved to a new location. Alternative fixing methods are available to fix concrete wall panels to most types of structure including existing concrete frames buildings  ie. Atcost type.

Nationwide delivery is available from our Workington factory but we are happy to supply panels ex works if required.

Installation – Off site manufacture ensures the precast concrete wall panels arrive ready to install and use.  No additional curing time is required. Wall panel installation is quickly and easily carried out using farm machinery (telehandler or similar), the panels are lifted into position and fixed using bolts and plates provided. After assembly polyurethane joint sealant can be applied to give a watertight seal between the wall panels.


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